Get to Know The Pioneer of Filipino Modernism, Lor Calma, in CWC Interior's New Exhibit

In 1970, contemporary art in the Philippines was on the rise. If you ask a collector or a savant born during this era about the many popular artists of their time, chances are, they’d mention the modernist pioneer Lor Calma, whose works are currently showcased in “The Lor Calma: A Retrospect” exhibit by CWC Interiors.

His art mostly embodied hints of minimalism and modern geometry, a style that everyone seemed to admire, whether he was working on a project as an architect, jewellery designer, visual artist, interior designer, or even as a furniture designer.

Calma, who is now 94 years old as of writing, continues to sketch daily. His son, Ed, who is also an architect, shares, “He did a lot of work and we want to preserve all his works. Between families, his clients who have acquired his work and we want to kind of build and kind of library of all his work. He still has a lot of sketches and paper models of these artworks and sculptures. We are still in the process of documenting it and preserving it as an archive for future generations.”

Calma never wastes an idea much akin to how he was years ago, as Ed mentions that his father had seen an opportunity to develop the interior design industry in the country.

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Using local materials while acknowledging the Philippine environment, the designer creates pieces that are both pleasing and made to last years in a tropical country. You might have seen some of his works such as the modern Philippine Institute of Interior Design building, the innovative Duyan chair, and even the modern Solihiya chair.

Calma’s ingenuine pieces must be celebrated, and CWC Interiors is doing so by paying tribute to the artist just in time for the brand’s 30th anniversary. “From a CWC standpoint, we saw it fitting to begin our 30th-year celebration by commemorating the work of Lor Calma. There are many people we are grateful for, many industry partners that we need to recognise but the body of work that Lor Calma has done simply should not be forgotten,” says Agnes Sauler, CWC Interior’s International VP for Sales and Marketing.

“CWC’s vision is to come up with the first Filipino design product that can be globally marketed in the world of Mid-century furniture. Doing this is CWC’s giveback with its 30 years experience in collaboration with local and international designers to showcase products that are proudly Filipino made. We will start with the Philippine’s most iconic architect and designer, Architect Lor Calma.”, says founder and CEO Frederick H Yuson.

In honour of the man of the hour, CWC Interiors, Calma, and his family aim to share the creative genius of the designer through The Lor Calma: A Retrospect exhibit. It’s also a great time to help promote the inspiration that is Calma as he has contributed to the country’s architecture and design industry.