CWC Interiors unveils an exhibit to showcase Lor Calma's iconic design pieces

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CWC Interiors, one of the leading exclusive Philippine distributors for renowned furniture designers, has collaborated with esteemed Filipino architect Ed Calma to produce an exhibit dubbed as "Lor Calma: A Retrospect" dedicated to the father of Filipino Modernism, Lor Calma.
If you didn't know Lor Calma, he is a contemporary artist with a vast portfolio in the design of corporate commercial office facilities, residential structures, furniture, and lighting. Lor is a pioneer modernist in the art industry with his timeless designs during the 50s till the '70s. 
On the other hand, Lor's heir apparent, Ed Calma, followed his father's footsteps by joining him in creating outstanding building and home designs. Upon his return to Manila, he instantly became one of the most sought-after residential and building designers. His works complement his father's design principles while creating a distinct 'look' and 'feel' that is all his own. 
During the press launch of the exhibit, CWC Interiors VP for Sales & Marketing Agnes Sauler gave a speech to introduce Lor Calma's timeless contribution to the design industry.
"Many people know of his work, but not many know what a truly prolific artist he was," says Agnes. "There are many people we are grateful for, many industry partners we need to recognize, but a body of work that Lor Calma has done simply should not be forgotten."
According to Ed, the purpose of the exhibit currently shown at CWC Interiors' showroom at the heart of BGC is to preserve his father's works for future generations to witness and learn from. 
"He did a lot of work. We want to preserve all these works between family and all his clients who acquired his work. We want to build a library of his work. We're still in the process of documenting it and preserving it as an archive for future generations," says Ed. 
Furthermore, CWC Interiors President & Founder Frederick Yuson concluded in his speech that CWC's vision is deep-rooted in showcasing Filipino's world-class talent in design to an international stage.
"CWC's vision is to develop the first Filipino design product that can be globally marketed in the world of century furniture. Doing this, CWC gives back in collaboration with local and international designers to showcase products proudly Filipino-made. We will start with Philippine's most iconic architect and designer, architect Lor Calma," Frederick ends.
In case you want to visit CWC Interiors soon for Lor Calma's exhibit, here are some of the pieces you might want to see up close and personal.
Rocking Chair
Duyan Chair
Kalesa Bar
CWC Interiors is located at Milestones at Fifth, 5th Ave., Bonifacio Global City