You’ve probably seen a lot of articles and videos about creating a home office space, complete with tips about everything from desks, wall art, to task chairs for home. We even read about how to handle family members while working at home. But what about our beloved pets? We shouldn’t forget about Pooch and Kitty even when we’re working at home. If you’ve seen those funny videos about the cat or dog climbing all over their humans, the work desk, computer, and other home office furniture, then you know it’s time to make your home office a pet-friendly area.


Keep your computer raised from the floor

If you’re sharing your home office furniture with your pets, you’re also sharing the home office with a lot of shedding fur. Elevating your laptop or desktop tower will protect its fans from clogging fur balls and prevent them from climbing over it.


CWC International has a wide range of work desks and workstations suited for home office spaces. Some even have a little extra room for your pet to nap on. Take a look at our collection here.


Have a cat? Have keyboard protection

It’s normal for cats to make keyboards as their nap mats. Leave your computer for even a moment, and when you return, you’ll find Kitty snoozing on the keyboard, creating a lot of nonsensical sentences on your article.


  • CWC International has a Keyboard Support engineered to be attached to any work desk or underneath a work surface. It has a wide range of height and tilt adjustments, so your cat is discouraged from climbing on the keyboard or mouse pad.


  • Laptop Mount lifts a laptop off the work surface. It can be attached on any surface quickly. This accessory again discourages Kitty from climbing on your computer. 


Both the Keyboard Support and Laptop Mount accessories can be found here


Create a special space

If you let your pets know about your personal space in a home office, consider creating a space for them as well. You can create a simple pet lounging area, or get an office sofa for both you and your pets to sit or lie on during breaks.


  • The Eames Sofa Compact is just perfect for you and your pets during your breaks. It’s even scaled for a home office space that is too small for a traditional sofa. And it’s very comfortable. Take a look here.


CWC International Corporation

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