Work from home? Why not work from home by fitting a home office or workstation into your kitchen? If you’re the type who isn’t bothered by the family gathering in the kitchen or getting the most sports watching gravitations, then, by all means, place a workstation in the kitchen. Take a look at these suggestions and tips for home office and work furniture inspiration.

Here are some kitchen home office ideas you might like


Create a breakfast bar

A breakfast bar can often be squeezed into any small wall space to create a work area. If you do have a separate home office with its own work furniture, this can be your alternate workspace if you’re becoming lonely in your home office or you want a bite to eat while still working. Or maybe you just miss the family noise.


Maximize your breakfast bar using a Lapjack Mobile Support. This laptop mount can hold your laptop at the angle you choose, so you get a comfortable screen height. It’s available here from CWC International. 


Hide it in a cupboard

You can also tuck a workstation into a cupboard, and you can close away the work and clutter at the end of the day. You can convert an office cabinet and place it in a kitchen corner. The office cabinet doors keep the workstation totally hidden when not in use.


When using the cupboard option, there might be times that natural or room light may not be adequate for your work needs. Supplement your lighting needs with the Lolly Personal Desk Light. It has a four-stage dimmer, adjustable angles, and with USB A and C ports for charging. Find it at CWC International here


Slide your work desk into a corner

If you spot an unused wall corner in the kitchen, measure if your work desk fits into that nook without creating space trouble for others. The advantage of a work desk is that you can bring all your work and accessories that fit into that desk.


CWC International has work desks and even workstations that can fit into corner kitchen nooks, or as a solution to create your own kitchen home office. Take a look at our complete work desk and workstation range here.


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